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I want a fast physical attacker, and I got stuck between these two because they helped cover the types that my team couldn’t. Also, this isn’t for competitive.

What do you want to do with these Mons? Battle in-game trainers or something else?
Battle in-game trainers and complete the game.
What is the rest of your team? What point of the game are you at?
I’m trying to beat the fairy type gym and my team is cinderace inteleon, rillaboom  and alolan  raichu and dubwool which is a placeholder until i get duraludon

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- STAB super effective against Opal, Bede, Piers, Marnie, and several Pokemon in the Champion Cup
- Very fast, with respectable Attack
- Two decent Abilities, and one excellent one (Speed Boost)
- Learns moves like Megahorn, Poison Jab, Earthquake, Baton Pass, Throat Chop, and Swords Dance
- Evolves earlier than Krookodile
- Quite frail
- Venipede and Whirlipede aren't exactly great

- STAB super effective against Gordie, part of Raihan's team, and plenty of Pokemon in the Champion Cup
- Better Attack than Scolipede
- Two incredible non-HA Abilities
- Learns moves like Earthquake, Outrage, Close Combat, Darkest Lariat, and Stone Edge
- Decent Speed
- Slightly stronger defensively than Scolipede
- Obtainable later than Scolipede
- Tons of weaknesses

Based on your team's needs, I'd say Scolipede. It can do super effective damage to Opal, and it's very strong throughout the rest of the game as well. Krookodile is by no means bad, but Scolipede works better for your team.

Scolipede @ Black Sludge / Life Orb / anything
Ability: Speed Boost / Swarm
- Poison Jab
- Megahorn / X-Scissor
- Throat Chop
- Earthquake

Hope I helped!

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thanks soo much! i was really stuck between these two and since i can’t get speed boost i’ll get swarm! thanks a lot
Happy to help!
i even got the jolly nature on it first try lol