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Which one is better for a poison team

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I might answer this. I am the king of comparisons :D (if i do answer it prolly won't be soon, so don't hold me against it *cough flare cough Ben*)

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A mono poison team huh? Alright lets compare.

Skuntank: poison/dark
HP 103
316 - 410
171 - 313
125 - 256
SP. ATK 71
132 - 265
SP. DEF 61
114 - 243
155 - 293

Weaknesses: ground
Resistances: ghost dark poison grass
Immunities: psychic

Notable moves: sucker punch, crunch, pursuit, flamethrower, haze, momento, roar, fire blast taunt, sludge bomb

HP 60
230 - 324
166 - 306
164 - 304
SP. ATK 55
103 - 229
SP. DEF 69
128 - 260
206 - 355

Weaknesses: flying rock fire psychic
Resistances: fighting(double), grass(double), bug, poison
Immunities: none

Notable moves: spikes, toxic spikes, megahorn, poison jab, aqua tail, rock slide, superpower, earthquake, superpower, swords dance baton pass pursuit

                                 Time to compare

Defensively, skuntank is the superior. It gives you a crucial psychic immunity. It's sole weakness to ground can be easily handled with partners like Crobat, weezing, and amoongus. It has great utility moves like taunt and haze but other wise it's movepool is lacking. With no decent physical movepool outside of his stabs, he most run special fire attacks and hidden power for coverage. However what little movepool it has still gives it an important niche. It's STAB pursuit guarantees the death of opposing psychic types. He also has STAB priority sucker punch, meaning that he can kill most opponents before they move. In the end, Skuntank should be used as a utility Pokemon with offensive prescence. However, Drapion gives it stiff competition in the role.

Scolipede, although rather poor defensively, is an offensive monster with its STAB megahorn. It's base 112 speed allows it to outspeed much if the metagame, most notably the lati twins, with megahorn, pursuit, aqua tail and earthquake, scolipede can effectively check all the threats that burden your poison team, namely psychic, ground and steel. Add the fact that it can be a utility Pokemon with substitute, swords dance, baton pass, toxic spikes and spikes, it would seem that scolipede is a great choice, and indeed it is. Basically, choose Scolipede
Here's a personal favorite set
[email protected] sludge
Nature: jolly
Evs: 4 hp 252 atk 252 spd
Ability: swarm
Swords dance
Baton pass/aqua tail

Long answer I know but hope this helped.

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It should be noted that you could use BOTH if you want. They both have their merits.
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Scolipede's stats are a little better I think, however, if you use TMs, Skuntank has a much more vibrant move pool.

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Scolipede is better in my opinion.

Scolipede has got a great 112 base speed stat and a decent 90 Attack stat. Scolipede is able to get megahorn which is a awesome move. Scolipede can get Spikes and Toxic Spikes too.

Use Scolipede!!!


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Scolipede I nothing to scoff at, but Skuntank a tad bit better due to some key aspects.
Starting of, it's typing. Bug is good offensively, but it becomes rubbish on the defensive front, being weak to Fire, Flying, Psychic and Rock. Skuntank on the other hand only have one teeny, tiny weakness to Ground. Dark might be slightly less great for attacking, but allows Skuntank to take considerably more hits. Which brings me to the next point, their stats.
Apart from a better Speed and Defence, Skuntank is at an advantage in in every stat versus Scolipede. Most prominently, it's HP is 43 points higher than Scolipedes, allowing it to truly outshine the centipede defensively.
However, Skuntanks physical movepool is absolutely horrendous, with Crunch, Poison Jab, Iron Tail, Shadow Claw, Pursuit and Explosion being the only ones worth mentioning. In the terms of moves and sweeping capabilities, Scolipede is slightly better than Skuntank.
Overall though, Skuntank is a superior choice over Scolipede if you want a defensive Pokemon thanks to better stats and typing.

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