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This is my planned team:
samurott lvl 50 adamant nature
x-scissor,aqua tail,revenge,swords dance
simisear/victini lvl 48
simisear:flame burst,acrobatics,?,?


victini:energy ball,psyshock,flamethrower,thunder
unfezant lvl 48
quick attack,fly,?,?
zebztrika lvl 50
flame charge,wild charge,stomp,?
excadrill lvl 49
x-scissor,shadow claw,e-quake,?
now you decide which bug

The victini comes from pokemon white

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I will give you pros and cons of each Bug Pokemon.


Pros: Wide movepool, high Attack and Speed for possible sweeping
Cons: Terrible type combination, mediocre defenses, making for probable OHKO's


Pros: Good Defense, High Attack and Speed for possible sweeping, fairly wide movepool (Earthquake= teehee), can set up entry hazards/
Cons: Mediocre Sp. Defense, low HP


Pros: Amazing Defenses and Attack, great type combination with 9 defenses and 1 immunity, can use its slowness for a Trick Room team/
Cons: Extremely slow without Trick Room, it cannot learn Gyro Ball, very weak to Fire, limited movepool


Pros: Great type combination with only two weaknesses, High Sp. Attack and Speed for possible sweeping, ability Compoundeyes increases accuracy of Thunder (depending if you teach it to him), okay movepool/ Cons: Poor Defenses, making for probable OHKO's

Hope this helped!

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It really depends on the movesets and evs for the bug pokemon any of them are good just keep in mind the moves

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I personally have Galvantula, just because it's a nice combo dual type that has never been played before, along with its nice speed for an average bug type, and fairly good Sp. Attack, which helps improve his Electroweb and stuff.

I would say levanny. Why? because my level 23 levanny beat a level 61 chinglng with only using x-scissor twice. Also levanny would be a wonderful charming lovable pokemon to have on your team. hope this helped you decide.
Yes, but Chingling is a godawful Pokemon-- I wouldn't be impressed by that. Also, Leavanny has a movepool consisting of only grass-, bug-, and normal-type moves, leaving nothing to cover steel and a lot to be desired. It also has two 4x weaknesses to fire and flying. I would go with Galvantula-- it has good move coverage and a high SPATK and SPE stat. P.S. that last thing you said about it being cute is pathetic. :/