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I'm talking movesets, EVs, natures, everything that would make one better than the other!


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While personally I like Leavanny more, I must disagree with PikachuSwagg. Unless you have Sun support and are running Chloropyll Scolipede is much better.

His high speed and good movepool, combined with Swords-dance to boost Attack makes him an amazing sweeper. He can also set up spikes and Toxic spikes, and even Baton pass. He is a very diverse and powerful Pokemon. He also is the fastest Pokemon (aside from Chlorophyll boosted Sawsbuck) with Megahorn. This guy strikes fear into the hearts of RU Dark, Grass, and Psychic types. Furthermore it has less weaknesses than Leavanny and no double weaknesses. Choose Scolipede.

I was actually going to answer this with Scolipede xD

Amazing job though! I couldn't agree more.
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I would say Leavanny because it has more Attack and pretty good speed.

Leavanny@ Focus Sash
Ability- Swarm
Nature- Jolly
EV's- 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP

Sword Dance
Leaf Blade
Shadow Claw

With Jolly you could set a Sword Dance first and then the opponent will
attack you and because Leavanny has no Defense it's HP will go down to
it's Focus Sash. Then use X-Scissor and because of Sword Dance, Swarm,
and S.T.A.B it will do some damage.

Good answer!
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