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Well, it's been quite a while since I reared my ugly mug around here, huh? But this time I have a legitimate question: I'm doing some stuff for a Monotype Poison team, and Scolipede was one of my top picks. However, as the title implies, I'm having a little trouble deciding whether to Band or Scarf my pretty little centipede-horse.

Before I forget, it has Swarm for it's ability (because I'm too lazy to get an HA Venipede lol).

So far, the moveset is:

Megahorn - A reliable STAB (for the most part) that takes care of many common threats such as Hoopa-U and Slowbro and punches holes in teams that don't resist Bug

Poison Jab - Another STAB attack for Mega Gardevoir and others

Earthquake/Rock Slide - I use these interchangeably (one for Heatran, the other for Talonflame) but either one works.

Aqua Tail - In all its entirety, this is simply coverage.

Any other suggestions for the moveset are welcome! Thanks for your time everyone!

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I'd recommend the Choice Band. Scolipede outspeeds a decent amount of Pokemon by itself, most notably base 110s such as the Lati Twins and Gengar, as well as other common offensive Pokemon such as Keldeo and Mega Metagross. Also, Scolipede is going to need the extra power of the Choice Band to pick up KOs, as its 100 base Attack is average at best, and you can't run Swords Dance on a Choice set.

As for your moveset, it looks fine. However, I would recommend Earthquake over Rock Slide. Scolipede has no business staying in against Talonflame, who is just going to blow it up with a Brave Bird. On the other hand, you can outspeed and OHKO Heatran with Earthquake.

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Sounds good, thank you!
Happy to help!