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Should I get Choice Band or Scarf, in-game?

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I have a Jolly Weavile and I'm wondering if I should get him a Band or a Scarf for in-game use?

I'm currently leaning towards Band because with Jolly nature and speed EVs he would outspeed pretty much anything in-game.

Also what should I use for Mamoswine? Trying to get Adamant Nature, and will put EVs in speed and attack.

So for those two pokes, which is better for in-game use? Band or Scarf?

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I would personally use Choice Band Weavile. Although it is frail to Mach Punch, I havent met a single trainer that has a Pokemon with Mach Punch. Weavile's attack is just a little lower than Mamos, too. With band, it would easily pass it. Mamoswine has good HP and Atk. Since your placing EVs in Atk and Spd, I would use a scarf for it. Even with a scarf, it still cant outspeed a nonscarfed Weavile. If you band it, it'll be swept with Hydro Pumps.

Banded Weavile: 180 Atk, 125 Spd
Scarfed Mamoswine: 130 Atk, 120 Spd

As you can clearly see, Weavile passes Mamo in both Spd AND Atk.

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Sorry it took so long for me to respond. I went and got the Band for Weavile. I guess now I'll start saving BP for the scarf. Many thanks.