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I have a Jolly Weavile and I'm wondering if I should get him a Band or a Scarf for in-game use?

I'm currently leaning towards Band because with Jolly nature and speed EVs he would outspeed pretty much anything in-game.

Also what should I use for Mamoswine? Trying to get Adamant Nature, and will put EVs in speed and attack.

So for those two pokes, which is better for in-game use? Band or Scarf?


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I would personally use Choice Band Weavile. Although it is frail to Mach Punch, I havent met a single trainer that has a Pokemon with Mach Punch. Weavile's attack is just a little lower than Mamos, too. With band, it would easily pass it. Mamoswine has good HP and Atk. Since your placing EVs in Atk and Spd, I would use a scarf for it. Even with a scarf, it still cant outspeed a nonscarfed Weavile. If you band it, it'll be swept with Hydro Pumps.

Banded Weavile: 180 Atk, 125 Spd
Scarfed Mamoswine: 130 Atk, 120 Spd

As you can clearly see, Weavile passes Mamo in both Spd AND Atk.

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Sorry it took so long for me to respond. I went and got the Band for Weavile. I guess now I'll start saving BP for the scarf. Many thanks.
Well you're half right, first off yes banded weavile does do more damage than a non banded mamoswine. However, non scarfed weavile does Not out speed Scarfed Mamo, as choice items doesn't just take into account your base stats. It also takes in account for your ivs and EVs and nature as well. Say you max out speed and attack for your evs for  mamoswine with max IVs and have adamant nature like he says. At level 100 that speed is going to be 259, adding the 50% modifier from choice scarf gives roughly 389. A jolly weavile with the same IVs and EV's will be about 383 without the scarf.