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In my new rain team I want to use Jellicent as a hard-hitting rain sweeper, but which one works better? Choice Specs makes him hit much harder, but eliminates the viability of Water Spout, however Hydro Pump boosted by Specs will hit harder than Water Spout without Specs boost. But a Scarf will allow him to get fast enough to viably use Water Spout, and allow him to outspeed quite a few unboosted Pokemon in the tier. So which is more viable in the rain, Choice Specs Jellicent, or Choice Scarf Jellicent?

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Choice Specs all in all, is the superior choice for a Rain Sweeper variant of Jellicent. As for your Move issue, it isn't really an issue. Do what Kyogre does, and run both Water Spout and Surf/Hydro Pump in the same Moveset. Also, Jellicent is way too slow to run Choice Scarf, which Ferrothorn can relate by running Choice Bànd. Also, Smogon suggests running both those Moves in the Specs Variant anyway, just in case you needed more proof.

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Well, I would go for power over speed,
since Choice Specs Hydro Pump will hit harder than Water Spout,
and with the Choice Scarf you will only be able to use Water Spout which has only 5pp
and depends of your hp,
so in conclusion I would go with Choice Specs

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Definitly go with Choice Specs. Choice Scarf would simple lock you into a move and with his already deficient speed, you could be easily KOed. While a Scarfed one might be able to take out a few extra hazards to your team, any Pokemon you are targeting to kill with Jellicent is usually weak to it with little to no coverage over Jellicent.

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