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As I was dabbling around in popular VGC Pokémon I came across Sylveon, and here awe-inspiring, world-snapping Hyper Voice. As I was looking for an adequate partner for her, I came up with a Fighting type with access to Fake Out (Mega Lopunny or Scrafty). So yay, I have a Specs Sylveon + Fake Out lead, right?


I really, really dislike Choice items in Doubles. Since switching is so risky, I don't have much of a chance to replentish my ability to attack. Pixie Plate came to mind, but enough exposition. Here are the positives and negatives of the two.

Choice Specs

+) everything dies to Hyper Voice
+) everything dies to Hyper Voice
-) locks me into Hyper Voice, leaving me dead on the water against Wide Guard

Pixie Plate

+) lets me switch between attacks
+) allows me to revert to Moonblast when Wide Guard appears
+) lets me use Protect
+) lets me fake Choice Specs
-) lacks the power of Choice Specs

Which is the superior option? Is there a difference in their power boost?


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I'd go for Specs. It gives a lot of power and Sylveon will be clicking on Hyper
Voice practically all the time. Wide Guard isn't the most common move too..
But you have points of using Pixie Plate. It's really based on preference. Mine is specs.
In regards of the power boost:
Choice Specs boost the power of moves by 1.5.
Plates boost the power of moves of their respective type by 1.2.
I wouldn't choice anything in doubles, for the reason you listed. The only exception I make is for Choice Scarf, where some things come in to sweep up/ revenge kill, or use Trick.
Sylveon is too slow for Scarf, so I would give it Pixie Plate.
Choice Items aren't good in doubles in most cases.
go for pixie plate .

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For the reasons you listed, go Pixie Plate. Being able to protect in doubles can be extremely helpful, and the ability to switch between single and dual target STABs is almost necessary. This also allows for emergency shadow balls or HP fires.

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Yep, Protect is really useful in doubles. Good point.
Merci beaucoup! I was leaning towards Pixie Plate, but all I ever hear is the glory of Specs Sylveon.
Glad I could help!