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I would think it would, but I think it's important to know for sure.

Same works for Icicle Plate and Refrigerate.
and sky plate with aerilate.
True, I thought of that but currently the only Aerilate Pokémon are Mega Pinsir and Mega Salamence, who need to hold Mega Stones. But if GF ever creates a non-Mega with Aerilate, the Sky Plate would affect it.
it could also work with entrainment, skill swap, or role play, but nobody uses plates in competitive anyway.
yea, I just learned that the life orb is far superior.

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Yes it does.

Pixilate turns normal moves into Fairy moves, meaning that every item that would buff fairy type moves would work on them.

Source- Logic, though I can do some calculations for you.

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I am not content with this answer, but another way to word this question would be "Does the ability take priority over item?"

Which I'd assume to also be true because of Klutz