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I read about this plate for arceus that was called the ??? plate. It is supposedly unobtainable. What does it do if you get it with cheats?

Yeah well this is from bulbapedia and they dont lie
You realize anyone can edit Bulbapedia right? If someone thought that's how it worked, or wanted to troll, they could just edit it in there. Now, Bulbapedia has Editors and what now that specifically go around correcting mistakes and trolls but you may have seen it before they could change it.

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dudepad, I am guessing that you have been seriously trolled. The ??? plate doesn't exist and thus making it unobtainable even with cheats. If you ever happen to get it, your game would just block or freeze and probably crash since it would be a major cheat. So if you ever make a cheat that makes it, I would strongly recommend that you don't use it. You will not even be able to use it, because cheats that go far over the cheat-border always tend to freeze your game, thus making it useless. I am an eyewitness, my cousins are always trying to hack and cheat but the always fail with overbordered-cheats.

Hope this helped you in a way ;)

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