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I accidentally deleted all of the Arceus Plates from Pokémon X. I need help getting them back.
Do I need to get a code from GameStop to get them or should just do without them?

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First: Get Pokémon Sun/Moon
Second: Find 6 hidden Arceus Plates
Third: Buy the rest in the Hau'oli shopping center
Fourth: Don't sell your plates.

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No. The only option left to you is trading for them with other players.

Can I trade with you? Do you have any Arceus Plates? I need them for the Arceus distribution at GameStop in August.
No? Just transfer your Pokemon to pokebank and restart your game
What if you do not have "PokeBank"?
Dude I'm not giving you my plates
Fine by me, I got Pokémon Sun and Moon and am not going to delete these plates this time.