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I only have like 4 of the plates and I was wondering if anybody knows where I can find all the plates for example the splash plate(which I already have) in Diamond.


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Draco plate - Underground

Dread Plate - Old chateau, Underground

Earth Plate - Oreburgh Gate B1F, Underground

Fist Plate - Route 215, Underground

Flame Plate - Underground

Icicle Plate - A house on route 217, Underground

Insect Plate - Underground

Iron Plate - Underground

Meadow Plate - Underground

Mind Plate - Solaceon Ruins B4F, Underground

Splash Plat- Route 220, Underground

Spookey Plate - Amitey Square, Underground

Stone Plate - Underground

Toxic Plate - Underground

Yeah so most of the plates you can find are in the underground path.

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so you mean that i have to use the kit to go underground? or what?
yeah, and you have to find the "sparkling" wall by touching your touch screen, click A on that wall, break the wall and find treasures, which includes the plates. But remember, plates are Extremely rare
where would you recommend me go under from? like what city or route?
Not in Mt. Coronette
Pretty  much anywhere except for that. However, you can't use it inside the house, on the stairs, etc
I`d probably say go near Etherna City because I go there and it's pretty useful.
ok thx ill try it