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I just got a lvl100 shiny arceus from GTS in oras but now how do I get its plates plz help me tell me locations thnx!

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I got a level 100 shiny arceus through trade too... what are the odds
is it in japanese?

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Draco Plate: Route 128
Dread Plate: Route 127
Earth Plate: Route 130
Fist Plate: Route 130
Flame Plate: Route 107
Icicle Plate: Route 130
Insect Plate: Route 127
Iron Plate: Mossdeep City (Steven's Beldum Gift)
Meadow Plate: Route 130
Mind Plate: Route 126
Pixie Plate: Route 128
Splash Plate: Route 129
Sky Plate: Route 124
Spooky Plate: Route 127
Stone Plate: Route 128
Toxic Plate: Route 129
Zap Plate: Route 129

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This link contains the location of every item in ORAS. The Arceus Plates are under "Held Items", which are all listed in alphabetical order.

And freedom smells like radishes, not apples.

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