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So I am searching the plates of Arceus.
But I cannot seem to find the splash plate or the spooky plate.
I have been to all floors laready, but before I can reach the items, I get washed away.
Can anyone give the location and, (in case it's not on the first one) what floor it is in?
Also, if you have an idea how to easily get to it (like where do I enter to get there easily) could you tell me that too?
Thanks anyways!


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The locations of the plates are very hard to find however this map shows all the locations of every item in the abyssal ruins (First Floor)

enter image description here

Key: blue squares are the path, with the four entrances marked by a
triangle; yellow squares are items; pink squares are the movable
blocks as described above; white squares with a plus sign show where
you can go up a level; squares with a minus sign show where you can go

All the plates are located on the first floor

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Also thanks to you too, hope it wasn't that much work, because I can ask difficult questions. xD
lol, it wasn't that hard, beause I remembered seeing this map somewhere
and you are welcome xD
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Splash Plate: Near Ace Trainer Summer.

Spooky Plate: Abyssal Ruins, 1F.

thanks a lot!
My Arceus thanks you aswell!
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Click here for a map w/ items.
That map should help you find the Spooky Plate. It looks fairly near to the entrance, you can see where to go on the map. First floor.

As for the Splash Plate, it cannot be found in the Abyssal Ruins. It is found in Undella Bay near Ace Trainer Summer.

Anyways, to get them just study the map, and follow the passages as fast as you can until you get the plate. I recommend just getting one Plate each run unless they are really close.

Hope I helped! :)

Also, since I am gentle (xD), thanks to you too, and you helped quite a lot.