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This is what I think:
1(Hack)read the signs then go to Clestial tower ring the bell twice,save,then ring it again and you battle Rayquaza

2(Hack)Somewhere on the 1st floor you can find Kyorge dwelling in it and its the cause of the sounds. also if this part is false what is the cause of the sounds?

3(not hack I hope)go to the top floor with the 3 legendary bird Pokemon and someone from Johto appears and also does Lugia (and for some reason EVERYONE says the place turns gold

so like before whats the point?Also is any of this somehow true?

It also tells a tale but I forgot what about. I think it had something to do with a king.

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You can find some rare items like Relic crown


Ps all the three things that you said were hacks are hacks.

/// Jofly

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thanks both of you
in the link you can find everything about the ruins
and your Welcome :D
is that Lugia thing true?
connorg it is NOT true.
remember connorg its a hack.
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It is a hack sadly and the Ruins hold treasures of the past the can be sold to a man. It also has Arceus' type plates in there. Other than that nothing to special about it.