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So I'm trying to get a battle maison team up and running. Right now I'm using mega khan and life orb greninja, standard sets. I'm also using Garchomp but can't decide if I should run scarf to support khan or band to support greninja. Both items work good but have flaws at the same time. Can't pick one.

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Been a while since I've answered anything on this section :o

If you're running Jolly, I would suggest going for the Scarf. It'll give you that added power to remove threats for Kanga which would be good. However, I wonder why you don't try using Scarf Greninja, and then using your Life Orb on Garchomp. With Greninja able to learn U-Turn it would provide a very stable pivot and revenge killer.

Overall I'm leaning towards Scarf because Nita has a Scarf Landorus who needs to be outsped.

Do you carry priority on Mega-Kangaskhan? If so then Band would be better so you can deal out power and revenge with priority moves.

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There are places for both items:

CHOICE SCARF: If you don't have any kind of priority nor Sticky Web support, the Choice Scarf is the way to go or ya'll can say siyonara against a Weavile. The only drawback is after you use a Dragon/Ground-type attack, Togekiss can switch-in, forcing you to switch-out, and it gets a free Nasty Plot. OR, something can switch-in and resist and attack, forcing you to switch-out, and it gets a free stat boost.

CHOICE BAND: If you have anything like a 3x Baton Pass from Scolepede's Speed Boost or Sticky Wed, then it's time to boost those EQs and Dragon Claws. Same drawbacks as the SCARF.

Hope this helps!

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SCARFCHOMP!!! Garchomp already has powerful attack, so EV train it in attack. I would also suggest an adamant nature.

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