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So I've been playing with my Poison Mono team and its been doing good, just can't decide what to give to the Toxapex, Toxic or Toxic Spikes?

WALL (Toxapex) @ Black Sludge
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Relaxed Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Toxic / Toxic Spikes
- Haze
- Scald
- Recover

And this is the rest of my team, if you need to know what is my team like:
Pokepaste: https://pokepast.es/073c372e65388ff9

Please help me decide to pick out which move :D

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i would use toxic spikes
Unless you have Corrosion as an ability, no.
Toxic and Toxic Spikes serve different purposes. Toxic has the advantage of hitting Levitate or Flying-types and is mostly used vs setup sweepers and to apply defensive pressure, while Toxic Spikes is support which can weaken a whole team by badly poisoning/ normal poisoning the Grounded non-poison types.
This is the second time on this site I have gotten confused with the rules of monotype. I apologize I thought both sides have the same typing

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The answer to this actually depends on one factor that we'll need to go through.

Is there any Pokémon in your team which can take advantage of Toxic Spikes?

Nidoking and Drapion are the only offensive Pokémon in your team. Now, Nidoking's main checks/counters are Blissey, Piloswine, Rotom-Wash and Slowking. Say that you run Toxic Spikes. So out of the aforementioned Nidoking checks, only Slowking and Piloswine would get affected enough by the said move. This might be confusing, so let me explain. What I mean is, that only Piloswine and Slowking would get affected the most by Toxic Spikes, sometimes this much that they become shaky checks to Nidoking. Rotom-Wash is immune to Toxic Spikes (and can Defog it off, too), and Blissey is a fatass Pokémon that also with Natural Cure so no comments. Now Slowking also has Regenerator, which helps a lot verses Toxic (or normal Poison), and if you catch it with only one layer of the Toxic Spikes, it (Toxic Spikes) won't be that good of a move choice. Ergo, you might just want to run Toxic on the Toxapex if we look at what the Nidoking likes, as, overall, it would help more.
Now, the Drapion. As far as my Monotype experience goes, that's a little weird set. I've usually seen the RestTalk set (chad set henceforth) which phazes a lot and is a nuisance. Other nice set is Scarf, which can set Toxic Spikes on their own and is a nice revenge killer. Swords Dance is a nice thing, albeit rare, and well, I’d actually advise you to run any of the aforementioned sets. Granted, Choice Scarf Drapion is more of a Dark-type Mono thing, I’ve tried it on Poison- and yeah, it worked. Now if you choose any of these, I’ll tell ya one thing. The chad Drapion set is actually very good on these type of builds, but that’d make your team very similar to the sample, tbh your choice. If you do that, though, you won’t have the moveslot left to fit Toxic Spikes, so you can do Scarf which usually has a free slot, so you’ll have Toxic Spikes and Toxic on one team.

So you can do Toxic Toxapex, and Toxic Spikes + Choice Scarf Drapion (which also runs Toxic), or Toxic Toxapex with the RestTalk Drapion.

Hope it helps!

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Wow so complete and a bit hard to understand, and the set is pretty confusing. Sorry if i make some trouble with this:(
No worries, lol I thought it might be confusing. Lmk if you aren't able to get it and I'll rephrase.
so the scarf set could run toxic spike? Interesting, and i dont use sleeptalk, its to hars to understand
Yep, the Scarf set usually does run Toxic Spikes. Even though it locks you into that move, it's especially good against Psychic- mono's as you're coming for free against things like Latios, and are forcing switches, so you get a layer of hazards on the field. And yeah, the RestTalk set is a bit hard to get, but it's nice too.
If i use scarf i could run both toxic and toxic spike right? Sorry if a ask so much. Sometimes englsih can be hard to understand, and sometimes my language to
Yeah you'll mostly be using both of 'em on the same set. It puts extreme pressure on the opposing team as nothing likes to come on a Toxic, and Toxic Spikes stack is pretty nice too.
And nw hehe, questions are always good, feel free to ask me anything related to competitive anytime. Nw again, you're English is awesome, don't worry :D
thanks assault!
Np mate, good luck!
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In Monotype, most people will try some coverage, and therefore there is a higher chance of toxic spikes being absorbed, a flying type, or even not being setup due to types that are super effective.

Toxic however is going to be used only when necessary, badly poisons 100% of the time. Toxapex is bulky enough to stay in battle and poison multiple opponents.

Hope this answered your question!

so its toxic right? im pretty confused:/