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Badly poisoning obviously does a lot of damage but takes time, whereas regular poison does considerably less, but does more health damage in the short term, where toxic would be "warming up". My question is basically how many turns toxic needs to be active to do more damage than poison would. Thinking up a new toxic spikes strategy, see. Any thoughts?


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A poisoned Pokemon looses 1/8 hp per turn

A badly poisoned Pokemon looses 1/16 hp on the first turn, and the amount lost increases by 1/16 each turn

So lets see:

Turn 1:
Poison: 1/8 hp loss
Badly poisoned: 1/16 loss

Turn 2:
Poison 1/4 loss
Badly poisoned: 3/16 loss

Turn 3:
Poison: 3/8 loss
Bad poison: 3/8 loss

Turn 4:
Poison: 1/2 loss
Bad poison: 5/8 loss

So, by the third turn, they tie, and bad poison surpasses at the fourth turn.

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Perfect. Thanks.
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Standard poisoning takes 1/8 of damage every turn, however toxic (badly poisoned) on the first turn takes 1/16 the on the second turn takes 2/16 (1/8) and the third turn takes 3/16 etc etc..

From full health toxic will cause a Pokemon to faint in 6 turns, which is good for walls like blissey who can hold out that long. Standard poison takes 8 turns to cause fainting on a Pokemon at full health, so toxic seems better

If you use toxic spikes twice it badly poisons anyway.

So to answer your question, toxic in 2 turns does the same damage as standard poison and in 3 it does more damage

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