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So monotype [format] only allows ou but there are only 4 ou dragons so is it possible?

Basically the only Pokemon you can't use are in Ubers.
You don't just use OU dragons, you use lower tier dragon's as well.

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First, formats other than OU, UU, RU, NU, PU, and ZU are allowed to completely ignore tiers and ban whatever they want. Monotype, for example, allows speed Deoxys (an Ubers Pokemon) but bans 10% Zygarde (a RU Pokemon).

Can I use lower tier Pokemon in higher tiers?
As alluded to in the previous answer, yes, of course! You may not use a Pokemon in a tier lower than the one it is officially listed in, but you can certainly use a Pokemon in a tier higher than the one it is listed in. For posterity, the order of tiers from highest to lowest is: Ubers, Overused (OU), Underused (UU), Rarelyused (RU), Neverused (NU), and PU.


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Yea i forgot that i could use salamence because i was only checking ou dragons and i thought ubers were banned because all dragon legends in ubers were banned so thxs. Also i guess it is just dragon legends.