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Ok, I've never done one before and I would like to try.
So let's say I want to make a Fire team. How do I make each Pokemon play differently and how do I cover weaknesses?
What can be the strategy of a monotype team?
Also, which are the best types for making a monotypetype team?

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I'm not too sure on a monotype fire team but definitely bring a sun bringer such as Ninetales with heat rock ( to maximise sun turns  with the ability drought or Mega Charizard Y because that also has drought. To counter fire types weaknesses, don't try to use too many dual typeings because the team would be mainly built around always having the sun up. This is because you can put solar beam on Charizard or any other fire type you have and that will cover all fire type weaknesses. Have a stab fire move on every Pokemon you bring but you need lots of coverage with monotype teams that is for sure.

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All competitive grade mono teams have done these 4 things:

  1. Get dual typing/ability/move that covers weakness(es).
  2. Variety! Don't take 1 to an extreme... that would be stupid.
  3. Look up the worst Pokemon for your team to go up against. Expect to see them, and know how to counter them. Sometimes preparing for a few specific enemies (like in a tier and/or game version) is wiser than preparing for an entire type.
  4. Take advantage of your mono type's benefits. E.g. If you are making a mono fire team, then having drought/sunny day is necessary.

You are using this ingame which means the 4 rules above are helpful but not necessary. If you challenge the champion of whatever version you're playing with 6 non-competitive grade level 100 fire type Pokemon, I promise you will win on your first try. In-game mono teams are for fun, not power, so choose whatever you think looks best. Personally, if I were to choose the best mono team ingame it would be steel because it has many resistances that dominate early game, they generally evolve at decent levels (unlike almighty dragons), and steel types tend to have good attack stats by end game too. Again, without knowing which game you're playing this can change since steel wasn't introduced until Gen 2.

Here is a link to some competitive mono fire teams in case you're looking for some inspiration: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/rmt/search?q=Mono Fire Team

Have fun!

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And then again, both steel types and dragon types are rather hard to find early in game
In gen 3-6 steel is found early.  Dragon is found early in 6.  And this answer is not limited from trades/bank.