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All of the mentioned Pokemon are going to be used offensively but which has the best secondary typing.(I have just beaten Raihan)I also obviously picked Grookey as the starter so look at that team for Leon.

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What is the rest of your team? If you don't know, why not add all 3?
It depends on what you're going for.

-Ferrothorn can set up hazards while eating moves for breakfast. It also does damage using barbed wires if an enemy makes contact.
-Roserade has high SpA and can be used offensively while also doing DoT with toxic. It has healing moves in Synthesis and can be used to stall out turns.
-Appletun has a sluggish Spe stat but makes up for it in bulk. In addition, it can g-max and gain it's exclusive move G-max Sweetness which has a secondary effect that heals your party's status conditions.

Ferrothorn has the best secondary typing due to having 2 weaknesses and 10 resistances. Appletun's grass/dragon typing has 5 weaknesses, a 4x weakness to ice and only 4 resistances compared to ferrothorn. Roserade meanwhile has 4 weaknesses and 5 resistances.

There's no real answer to this as it's preference based but if I were to choose, I'd pick roserade due to having a decent typing and having the most offensive capabilities. Ferrothorn is more suited for defensive play, combined with its ability to set up hazards. Appletun doesn't really have much going for it other than bulk, so it's probably the worst pick on the list. Do what you will with this information, good luck on your team
I'm planning on a curse appletun set, all out attack Roserade set and another curse set for Ferrothorn but Appletun has recover a healing option which I'm in favour of.
For rotoms item I would do a sitrus berry or white herb
Roserade also learns synthesis at level 1 so if you remind it synthesis it has pretty good healing options.
I've moved the team to this paste: https://pastebin.com/F3yjbiQ3
You should not have been asked to include your team because that makes the question break rule 1.6.

@SilverIsHere What you posted would be sufficient as an answer.
Oh I just don't want to have healing on my roserade cause I rather have an attacking move.
My opinion is Ferrothorn if you want more of a Pokemon with high on the Defense stats, Roserade on the Special stats and Appletun on.... you can figure Appletun out cause I can't.

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