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I am making a Gen 8 National Dex Monotype team and need something to cover my birds.
Also suggest a moveset if you can.

Mixed is kinda better, but if phys or spec likely special. It gets sheer force earth power as well as sheer force focus blast. Rock polish can sweep. I said mixed cause knock off so consider that
It is Landorus, not Landarous.

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Generally, a special Landorus-I can dish out a lot more damage with a lot more coverage without the need for setting up with Swords Dance or Rock Polish

A good set I’d suggest is:

[email protected] Orb
Ability: Sheer Force
Modest Nature
252Sp.Atk, 252Speed, 6HP
—Calm Mind/Sludge Wave
—Focus Blast
—Earth Power

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Why Sludge Bomb when Sludge Wave is better?
Edited sludge bomb into sludge wave.
Gravity is better than calm mind. It makes earth power hit more stuff like Charizard, Zapdos, Rotom, and Corviknight and makes focus blast more accurate. Also replace psychic with defog or rock slide because psychic doesn't cover anything that really threatens Landorus.
But isn't focus blast there for Ice?