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I was just wondering. It is a sweeper in the tiers it fits into.

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You've got to be more specific with your questions. What role is this Flygon serving? This is too ambiguous.
Probably physical, but as WilloWisp said, what is the Flygon's role?
There. I changed it

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Physical Flygon is better than Special Flygon

Flygon's base attack is 100, while its base special attack is 80. That is a 20-point difference. In the tiers that Flygon is used, it's offensive sets are usually Life Orb, Choice Band, Choice Scarf, and Dragon Dance, all utilizing its physical attack.

Sure, one could use a Mixed or Full-On Special Flygon set since its special movepool has moves such as Earth Power, Draco Meteor, Giga Drain, and Fire Blast along with having a useable special attack stat, but those sets aren't generally worth using since Flygon's special moves don't have much good targets (if any) in the tiers Flygon is in. Another downside to running a Mixed or Full-Out Special Flygon set is that you can't beat some Pokemon you would otherwise beat with a Physical set. For example, Flygon's SS Analysis Page mentions that attempting a mixed of fully special Flygon moveset leaves it struggling to break past Togekiss, something a physical set can do.

Basically, while special Flygon is useable, physical Flygon is better due to the higher base attack along with Flygon's special moves not having much good targets if there are any,

Hope this helps.

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Thanks! What moves would you put on a Flygon of each variant?
What format would you use the Flygon in? (Or, if this isn't competitive, what would you actually do with it?) We ask you this question often and you don't answer. It's confusing because we don't know what you're trying to do with the information we give you.
Sometimes, we can't give you the best advice if we don't know the format -- this is one of those times. You can probably imagine the best moves changing dramatically depending on the generation, what Pokemon are banned, singles v doubles, etc. You can give us everything we need by mentioning the format (or whatever else you might try to do with the Flygon, e.g. beat the story or clear the Battle Tower).
In any case, though: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/5305 https://www.smogon.com/dex/ss/pokemon/flygon/
Probably battle tower,  as i gave up on competitive because I didn't want to breed for 5 hours to get the perfect Pokémon. I am also not super familiar with Competitive formats and that stuff, I just know some of the Pokémon in OU and Ubers, because that's the format I wanted to do. (Yes I am terrible at Pokémon compared to most people on this site. I just know most every Pokémon's types, stats, and how to evolve them, so I SUCK at competitive. I just can't win, even when I train up some Pokémon to the MAX).  Sorry I make it hard to answer questions.
Actually, now that I found out how to get perfect IVs, I might give this another try...