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Favorite Pokémon: My Top 10 Favorite Pokémon (The list is constantly fluctuating, but the higher you go, the more likely the Pokémon occupying that spot will stay there): 10: Archeops/Staraptor 9: Bouffalant 8: Cinderace 7: Lapras/Slaking 6: Ursaluna 5: Gliscor 4: Snorlax 3: Eelektross 2: Marshadow 1: Accelgor (Heatran-Lycanroc-D, Venusaur, Incineroar, Regigias-Cacturne, and Magnezone-Porygon-Z are 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 respectively. Just had to throw that out there to give them some credit. I also really like a the Kanto and Galar Starters)
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About me: My first Pokémon game was Pokémon Sun for the 2ds because, along with Omega Ruby, came with my 2ds when I got for Christmas. I really like Sinnoh, Alola, and Unova, they are my top 3 favorite gens (Unova is #1) I love Accelgor because I have an Accelgor that I am best friends with in Pokémon GO. I am constantly pursuing Archen and Bouffalant in Pokémon GO as well. Ursaluna is my favorite Pokémon from Pokémon Legends Arceus by far. I like Pokémon Masters EX. (I am always trying to figure out what Pokémon would be my perfect partner!) I do Pokémon Cards, mainly just to collect them. My favorite card I own is a Rainbow Rare Snorlax V-Max! I also enjoy Pokémon Unite a lot, and am excited to see who releases next. My favorite Pokémon characters are Red, Blue, Ghetsis (His team rocks), Kukui, Hugh, Grimsley, and Volkner. My favorite type is Dark. I like Reading, Video Games, hanging out with friends, Pokémon, Music, Movies, One Piece, TV, Stand-Up Comedy, Adult Animation Shows like Bob's Burgers and Simpsons, LEGO, Plushes (especially Pokémon ones!), my family, Muppets, and Action Figures. My favorite food is Hamburgers. My favorite movie is The Other Guys. (Love Will Ferrell!) Video Games I like other than Pokémon include Borderlands, Hollow Knight, Mario, The Legend Of Zelda, Fortnite, Yo-kai Watch, Super Smash Bros, and Cuphead. (All of this is on Nintendo consoles, I don't own any others) I want to get Dark Souls for my Switch. I am in Boy Scouts. I like how the Pokémon community is willing to help each other, and aren't toxic! I like classic music. Mostly music with a good groove. I don't know why Mega Glalie is considered terrible. On my Ice Monotype Team, he is deadly with Refrigerate boosted STAB Returns He sweeped a neutral damage team once. of my favorite things in Pokémon is MEGA EVOLUTION!!!! I like comics, especially the Deadpool written by Posehn and Duggan, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics published by IDW.

My Top 3 Favorite Books (I am  a HUGE reader) :

#3: Wings Of Fire Series

#2: The Land Of Stories Series

#1: Peter Nimble And His Fantastic Eyes

My Top 3 Favorite Movies:

#3: The Other Guys

#2: Oceans 11 trilogy

#1: The Dark Knight trilogy

My Top 3 Favorite Video Games:

#3: Borderlands series

#2: Pokémon

#1: Hollow Knight

My starter and game choice for each generation (Not counting Emerald, Yellow, or Platinum):

Gen 1: Red (Green if it was in the US) and Venusaur

Gen 2: Gold/HeartGold and Typhlosion

Gen 3: Ruby/Omega Ruby and Sceptile

Gen 4: Diamond/Brilliant Diamond and Infernape/Empoleon

Gen 5: Black/Black 2 and Serperior/Samurott

Gen 6: Y and Greninja and Charizard

Gen 7: Sun/Ultra Sun and Incineroar

Let's Go Pikachu out of the two remakes

Gen 8: Sword and Cinderace

Gen 8 DLC: Venasaur, Single-Strike Urfishu, Regidrago, and Spectrier. (I wish I picked Glastrier.)

Top 5 Mega Evolutions:

5: Mega Aerodactyl

4: Mega Sceptile

3: Mega Blaziken

2: Mega Venasaur

1: Mega Charizard Y (My First Mega Evolution)

Thanks for reading!

This is just my Opinion:

---Put--- this--- ribbon--- on--- your--- wall---- if--- you---- think---- neither---- Absol---- nor---- Umbreon---- are--- cool--- and---- Sharpedo--- is--- way--- cooler---- than--- both---- of---- them.----

---Put--- this--- ribbon--- on---your ---wall ---if--- you---think ---Raichu ---is ---severely ---underrated ---and ---should ---get ---more ---love.---

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You have something of a nice grav as well.
4 hours ago by -WhiteFire-
I saw.
Aug 1 by -WhiteFire-
Yeah. The Erin Hunters have also written Survivors (the one about dogs), and Seekers (one about bears). I have yet to read them, but I might sometime. Survivors seems more interesting than Seekers, but I suppose I'd have to read 'em to really figure out how much I like 'em.
Jul 31 by Yuya the Goggles
Yep! I got into it a couple years ago, but then just kinda... stopped for some reason. However, my love for the series was rekindled when I started reading mostly lame Warriors fanfiction. That doesn't really make any sense, but I guess that's what happened. I recently read through the Dawn of the Clans books, and I pretty thoroughly enjoyed it. It was also nice having something new to read. I'm just not sure what series to get next.
Jul 30 by Yuya the Goggles
Jul 29 by Yuya the Goggles
Great idea. XD
Jul 23 by Yuya the Goggles
I'm not exactly sure, as I think the writer was an adult or close to an adult. Acted and spelled like a disgruntled child though. I guess age is no guarantee of... any skills, ever. XD

Here are some random quotes I collected from this... literary masterpiece:

"u just dunt gedot d o you Im one of teh Tree! I have pows beyound ur emaginating!"
"oak oka"
"the next chatter will coke soon"
"He waswerng oink naie Polish"
"then StarGlame stinted to crry as she realed that her sitter ass ded." (I feel very immature for finding this so funny.)
"AND THEN STARGLEAM AS DIED!11!111!11111!1!11!"
"8. don't br unfateful to our mat"
"They were closed to the MoonSnot now" (I really don't get how 'Moonpool' became 'MoonSnot' but it did apparently.)
"I was tiered the last one was log"
"Oh sweat that's a freat idea!"
"Everyone startwf crapping!"
"But bford the marige cold happin... there was a nose!"
"Then the cat toned arund. It was... ASSFyR!" (Ashfur, Assfire, same thing.)
"The Dork Forest is tacking over theri minnds."
"and then... StarKit realeid... her mom and dad... wee"
"Ands then the FOUTH!"
"Tehn sudenly, mongosee!1"

It is very hard to believe this isn't a trollfic, but apparently it isn't.
Jul 20 by Yuya the Goggles
I'm glad you agree. :3
Jul 18 by Yuya the Goggles
"hapter to the rose of a Heroin" is from a Warrior cats fanfic called Starkits Propecy. It really sucks and has terrible spelling, grammar, plot, and characters. A very infamous fanfic. However, that aforementioned terrible spelling leads to some rather amusing lines, such as "the rose of a Heroin" (it's supposed to be Chapter Two: The Rise of a Heroine if you were wondering).

And apparently Yuri Rose was asking around because either me or Bee Pen jokingly said that most of the site knew what it meant or something. So he got sooper cureeus. (shrugs)
Jul 17 by Yuya the Goggles