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Gender: Male
Country: Ireland
Favorite Pokémon: Jeez there’s a lot. There’s the Mudkip line, the Sceptile line, the Kommo’o line, the Tepig line, the Zigsagsoon line, Snorlax (duh), Sigilyph , the Totodile line and many more
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About me: I’m am person with perfectly good taste (Gen 7 is good!) Other then that, I can’t say anything for copyright reasons :)

Shinies I’ve caught/bred:
Oddish in Let’s Go Pikachu
Gyarados in Omega Ruby
Alolan Rattata and Oshawottin Moon
Galarian Mr Mime and Kyreum in in a Dynamax Adventure
Miltank, Jolteon, Rhydon and Swablu( full odds) in Pokémon Go
And Graveler, Silcoon, Staravia, Turtwig, Lickytung, Heracross, Haunter and Shinx in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Sorry if I’m flexing but I’m proud of these Pokémon

---Put--- this--- ribbon--- on--- your--- wall---- if--- you---- think---- neither---- Absol---- nor---- Umbreon---- are--- cool--- and---- Sharpedo--- is--- way--- cooler---- than--- both---- of---- them.---

People who are smart on this site: Amethyst
Crystal Mayblach

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Thanks! What are your favorites?
6 days ago by Redvolt77
And welcome to the site!
Apr 25 by Redvolt77
Nice Ribbon! *Applause*
Apr 25 by Redvolt77
I am 8 and you can't prove me wrong! 3=(
Jan 31 by -WhiteFire-
I'm a bit late, but welcome to the site! Make sure to read the rules. :)
Jan 16 by xPsydxck
hii. welcome.
Jan 7 by sumwun