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Charizard have 4 ways to boost its physical attack (dragon dance,hone claws,sword dance and belly drum). Homever, it have a greater spatk and better special attacks
Physical set
[email protected] boots
-flare blitz
-dual wingbeat
-dragon dance/sword dance
Special set
[email protected] specs
-Flamethrower/fire blast
-air slash/hurricane
-focus blast
-dragon pulse

Which one I choose?

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Physical Charizard is worse than its special counterpart in most formats where you can’t run Mega Charizard-X. The same applies in SS PU; you’re either specially offensive or defensive with special moves.
Charizard is usable-ish in gen 8 ou on sun, but sun is a gimmicky style of team. It was removed from the VR recently.
The question asks about PU and not OU.
It was originally about OU. People above were saying it was completely outclassed which it is in most cases, but not on sun teams.

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Charizard is a lot better at special attacks. As well as having a higher special attack stat, hurricane is more powerful than its physical flying moves, and flare blitz's recoil makes it more difficult to sweep. This is the moveset I would recommend.

Charizard @ heavy-duty boots
Ability: blaze
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid nature
- defog
- flamethrower
- hurricane
- roost

Charizard needs roost and heavy-duty boots because choice specs still doesn't allow it to get enough OHKOs. It forces a lot of opponents to switch, which makes it one of the best defoggers in the format.

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