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I finally got a offensive Dreepy from breeding (my old one had 31 IVs is HP, Defense, and Special Defense. Neither attack stats were maxed. Not even Speed. Seriously?). It has a neutral nature, but I can change that in a flash with a mint. Anyway, I'm using this team currently for the Battle Tower:

Rotom is my "supporter" (kind of) and the rest are attackers (you can probably guess who is Physical or Special). I'm just wondering if I should raise my Dreepy to be a special attacker or physical attacker. Please help!

Also, it would be nice for a moveset to be posted in your answer.

I would choose Physical because its Physical attack is already higher
Special is better tho lol
Ok, I understand because of Draco Meteor's absolutely massive power
Its not about power really, it's mostly about Dragapult's terrible physical movepool.
Yeah, I know, but Dreepy Darts (aka Dragon Darts) is good.
I run a mixed. They are really useful sometimes

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Dragapult is viable on both sides of the spectrum. However, I prefer specs pult. I'll provide a set for both.

Dragapult @Power herb/life orb
ability: Infiltrator
Nature: Adamant.
-Phantom force
-Dragon Darts
-Dragon dance/Steel wing.

Fairly self explanatory. Life orb for power or power herb so you can immediatly use a phantom force once. Phantom force is stab, dragon darts breaks sturdy and is 100 base power, U-turn to pivot and either ddance for setup or steel wing for fairies. Physical pult is a good dynamaxer, as steel wing can upgrade into max steelspike and phantom force into max phantasm, both of which have their drawbacks removed.

Dragapult @Choice Specs/Life Orb
Ability: Infiltrator
Nature: Modest.
-Shadow Ball
-Dragon Pulse/Draco meteor
-Fire Blast/Flamethrower/Thunderbolt

Again, self explanatory. Do not dynamax if your specs, as you will lose the effect. Only dynamax if you want to switch up moves and can't switch.

Specs or life orb for immediate power. Shadow ball and dragon pulse/Draco Meteor are solid stabs. U-turn for pivoting and your choice of coverage move.

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His Aegislash seriously scared the heck out of me. I just kept screaming for it to stop using Phantom Force.

His Dragapult resists water... wait he does use it in the battle tower, right?

Also, I love the Special set.
His Dragapult, Haxorus and Rillaboom, and that’s it. Besides, every good water Pokémon has an ice type move, which covers all of those. He only uses his Dragapult from the great ball tier onwards.
So ice is good against his pokemon, not water.
A water type Pokémon with decent coverage. An ice type would be smashed up.
How about Ice/Water LOL