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So I know that dragapult's base stat for attack is higher than defense. So why do people use a special dragapult? Is it because of its movepool?

Higher than defense?

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It’s because of the movepool.
It has access to many good special moves such as Draco meteor, shadow ball, fire blast, thunderbolt, And surf. It’s physical movepool just isn’t quite as good. It’s only physical STAB ghost moves are phantom force and astonish, which are quite bad, sadly. It’s physical movepool is OK, with access to dragon darts, psychic fangs, U-Turn, dragon dance, and sucker punch. It’s just not quite as good as the special movepool.

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Actually, wait. Dragapult can't learn shadow claw. The only other
Physical ghost would be astonish
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Personally, the main reason I use it is because of its movepool. Look at its physical moves. There is dragon darts for strong dragon stab, but only phantom force ghost stab physical. But it only has 90 power but takes 2 turns. The only advantage is it can hit through protect, but doing damage is your main priority

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