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What are more people using, physical or special attackers in Anything Goes? I'm talking about whats more common in the Meta, Physical Pokemon or special. Keep in mind I'm talking about AG or Anything Goes, so things like Mega-Raquaza are allowed, with every Uber Pokemon. Whats more common in the meta of AG, physical Pokemon or Special Pokemon...?

What makes you think one would be favoured over the other? Viability comes down to individual Pokemon and meta more than a broad category like this. Or have I misunderstood?
isn't every pokemon with every possible strategy so Vast? plus, even if one is more common than the other, you can't overcompensate one defense, for you'll still encounter the other pokemon.
plus battling is way more advanced than that
He's asking what's more common, which is perfectly answerable and objective.
Clearing flags. It’s just a strange question.
Why is this being downvoted? It's not bad necessarily, just rather strange.

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I added the usage percents of all physical attackers and all special attackers that were used more than 3%, and physical attackers had the higher percent.