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'Nuff said.

I know, very old, but it is actually best used as a bulky mixed sweeper.

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Both. Aegislash has an equal Atk and Sp. Atk of 150 (not yet confirmed), so you can choose. Personally I would make him a Physical attacker because almost his whole movepool is Physical.

Moveset suggestion:

Iron Head: Just powerful plus STAB
Shadow Sneak: STAB plus covers for his low speed
Sacred Sword: Coverage
Swords Dance: To increase your attack power

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150?! Ubers here we come
Nice moveset. +1 from me
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@haunter  But it's other stats are abhorrent (60, 50, 50,60 from the top.) (defenses switch with attacks when using Kings shield, and an attacking move, respectively
Also, since that set doesn't have King's Shield, practically any super effective, or powerful enough attack will OHKO it...