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Both advantages and disadvantages, and in competitive battling.


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Special/ Physical


  • Your nature can be decided easily. E.g Modest for SpA and Adamant for Atk.
  • You don't need to sacrifice some Defensive stats in order to max out your offensive ones.
  • You can easily top max speed, most of the time.


  • If you're a Physical Attacker and the opponent is a super annoying Physical wall with Defense Boosts. You'll have to Force Switch - which can be costly. Whereas if you are a Mixed you can target the weaker SpD Side.

  • Some Pokemon have limited Movepools to choose from.
    If you have great Atk and O.k SpA, but hardly any Physical Moves and a neat range of Special ones then you'll have to be a Mixed Sweeper or just be really unpopular in the Metagame.

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But how about mixed sweepers?
A mixed Sweeper's Advantage is a Physical/Special Sweepers Disadvantage and their Advantages or Mixed's disadvantage technically.
Oh never mind then! Thanks.