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he has very high attack stat but most of his good moves are special like,
solar beam and eruption. He also learns earth power.
Is special worth it? If it is, earthquake or earth power?


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No special is not worth it as it has two moves that it can abuse very well which is one thing it has over Kyogre.
Them two moves are swords dance and rock polish.
Rock Polish brings it to 500 speed if you use the correct spread but i like to run 253 speed to outspeed Deoxys-S.
After that nothing will ouspeed it appart from the very uncommon Scarfed Shaymin-S.
Now you may be wondering why use Swords dance as well?
150 Atk is brilliant and with max Atk thats way over 400.
It already can outspeed so much with a polish up and it can hit hard already but have you noticed this guys Def?
Its overall bulk is amazing alowing it to easyly set up a swords dance one earthquake will take out that annoying Kyogre.
With the right set you can sweep a team.
Sure a special set could work but his special atk even with them overpowered moves are not powerfull enough for ubers.

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