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Gender: (ノ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ノ Je suis ........ [Take a Guess. 50/50 chance] B)
Country: U.k
Favorite Pokémon: 701 Favorites x3
Friend Codes: 3DS Code : 4871-5833-4959
IGN : Fred

I have a flying type safari I believe.
With :
Swanna, Dodrio and Tropicus
About me: Back for now (thought I am very inactive- busy exam filled year for me)

Last time I was fully active was as a dumb fetus.
I sincerely hope that I am no longer as dumb fetus as I was.
If you've known me as a dumb fetus and I've caused you harm I'm sorry.

I am really confused as to who's left and who's joined(and active)...

I don't know what I was on when I put a :D to the end of my name... I want to change it - please ignore it........

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Busy busy busy
Feb 21 by PX
Feb 21 by PX
Very well. Still having problems with things but I'm the most productive I've ever been and have an amazing relationship, so all things considered I'm in a much better place.
Feb 20 by PX
Not really.
Feb 20 by Eponyta
Yo man!
Feb 19 by PX
Dec 17, 2016 by a creepy stalker
Nov 21, 2016 by gengarchomp
howz lief
Aug 21, 2016 by a creepy stalker
i iz ded
Aug 17, 2016 by a creepy stalker
Aug 11, 2016 by GameCube