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Gender: Human
Country: United Kingdom of America
Favorite Pokémon: Infernape, Greninja, Mismagius, and Shiny Bisharp. For some reason, I really like Ghost-types
Friend Codes: Pokémon Y/αS: 1220-6912-6930 IGN: Hunter
Friend Safari: Grass
Oddish, Petilil, Quilladin
About me: Hiya! It's great to be on this site and I hope to get to know you guys better! Plz never hesitate to ask for a battle I'll almost always accept your challenge no matter who you are. I am a friendly person so if you need anything let me know!

Good Friends:
Admiral Walker: He's like a big bro to me, keeping me in check. Also an awesome battler and one of the first people I met on the site. I still need my rematch sir!
Terri: Crazy good battler. It's always funbattling her with her BROOK and Zoro. Also the first person I met on the site
 XY score: 3-2   ORAS score: 1-2 (she got so lucky just watch: VTWG-WWWW-WWXF-8ZCR)
Lupus: Very nice person and fun to chat with. Always says hello. Also one of the first people I met on this site.
Meel: Great battler, and one of the first people I met on the site.
Icy: One of the most nicest people on this site, and also one of the first people I met on this site. He's awesome
DarkHeart: I still have yet to defeat this dude. He's just awesome.
Psychic: I haven't beaten him yet. He's so strong...
KingJordan: The guy that welcomed me to the site. Thnx for everything Jordan. And welcome back :]
Christen Vulpine:  Cool dude. cant wait to play with him when he's got his 3DS
Sir_Mudkip: Awesome dude that I accidently for got to put on here at first. Sorry mate xD
Diamondroseangel: Cool person on this site. Takes parkour classes and will hold a sign saying, "To Pokémon DB" on TV xD
Exe The Hedghog: Fun person to chat with and is pretty much always online. Great battler too.
CB: Nice friend of mine and fun to chat with. Gave me a shiny Avalugg :D
Keromatsu: lol I can speak your language Kero. Where am I from? XD
Tadpokenerd: Fellow battler.
Luna: Probably one of the best artists I know. Keep it up Luna!
Norse: Made this for me: http://imgur.com/A0BjNBE  Thanks Norse!
Lowawesome411: http://makeameme.org/meme/yo-get-twiggy-kphuyl LOW COME BAAACK D;
R DJ: Hilarious and a good friend of mine. I think the TDS has been cured :]
Pisc: Great friend of mine that's helped me with many of my Pokémon. Thnx mate :D
Dragoon: My old friend that I've spent a lot of time battling with :) Sorry I forgot you mate!

People I must thank:
King_Crobat (Icy): I've pestered him for too long trying to get my team together, and each time he always helps me out XD. Thanks for everything mate, you're the best.

Thundy: Has helped me countless times with my team and always helps me by critiquing my team. Thank you so much Thundy.

MG: Made one impossible set for me when I asked for his help, and did it all at like 2 am. Thanks again MG :D

Pisc: Helped me perfect countless sets for all of my Pokémon. Thanks so much dude.

And yeah, I'm sure I'm missing  some people, but c'mon, I really tried.  Anyway I do love battling and like I said, I'm always accepting a challenge. So go ahead, challenge me, whether it's Showdown or Wifi.

Let's see what else....
Favorite Region: Sinnoh
Sinnoh is the best. No question. It was the first Gen I actually bought myself so it holds a ton of nostalgia for me. I'd say it's the best in the game, pokemon (designs and previous gen evos), and anime was awesome too.

Least favorite Gen: Unova
Yeah most of the pokemon were horrible imo (excluding Bisharp and Hydreigon)  and the anime was beyond terrible. Idk I just didn't like Unova at all.

Let me know what regions you liked most and least on my wall!

Awesome Quotes:
1. "Just because you’re trash doesn’t mean you can’t do great things. It’s called garbage can, not a garbage can't"
2. (Suggestions plz?)
3. (Suggestions plz?)

Favorite Pokémon Character: Zinnia
She's hilarious and I love her personality. So easy going when the worlds on her shoulders XD. Not to mention her incredible theme and all these remixes people are doing of it. I mean, check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9yQ_8aQs4I

Also, I started working on some trainer sprites :D I'm really bad at them though, still a beginner.

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Sadly I dont think I have Terri's. But I'm doing well in these troubling times, how about yourself Twigster
Sep 28, 2020 by Yang
Zinnia is a really awesome character. I love her theme :)
Aug 20, 2020 by Kyogre71
"Let me know what regions you liked most and least on my wall!"

Oh, yay, someone asking for opinions! I dunno if you're alive or not, but I thought I might as well tell you my favorite and least favorites.

Favorite: Alola. It's a beautiful, peaceful place. I'd live there if I could. It also has my favorite Pokémon, Silvally, and favorite character, Gladion.

Least favorite: Kanto. The Pokémon are pretty good, but there's only 151 of 'em. I know that FireRed and LeafGreen had access to more Pokemon, and I think that Let's Go Pikachu! and Let's Go Eevee! had Alolan forms, but eh. I do play Gen 1, but only to cause glitches. I like glitches a bit too much...

...I also like posting on people's walls a bit too much.
Jun 6, 2020 by Giru-Rūku
Thanks :) hope you're doing fine too
May 16, 2020 by Đarkheart
I'm doing good I guess. Extremely busy with med school tho. What about you? Also instead of using the walls which I rarely check xD you have any other social media/email or sth?
Feb 16, 2019 by Đarkheart
Damn bro after a looong time :)
Feb 4, 2019 by Đarkheart
I missed you too
Nov 7, 2018 by Mosmic Dragoon
You disappeared when i made that list e.e
Nov 7, 2018 by Yang
oh the memories :')
May 28, 2018 by Infernal♕Crown(twig)