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Sure Mega mewtwo X has higher attack but it's special attack is above average, 154 base special attack is enough I guess. its special move pool is great and if I ran it as a mixed attacker, burns wouldn't be so bad. National dex AG is my format.

What format?
Why not just run mega mewtwo Y?
If ya wanna do a mixed to Y with psystrike and ice beam and other moves
That way you have psystrike that does physical damage while only needing to invest in speed and sp atk(unless you wanna use a bulky version, but you get the point. No need for a weird nature and mixed ev spread)
Psystrike is special. It only does damage based on target's Def instead of Sp.Def, @sm 4evr

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Easily do an all out Physical Attacker. The problem with running mixed Mewtwo X is that you sacrifice either some Speed of some of its great 190 Attack Stat. This is extremely important in National Dex AG. If you sacrifice Speed, you now get outsped by Arceus And others. If you sacrifice Attack, you miss out on vital KOs. And honestly, you shouldn't run a mixed attacker because you are afraid of being burned. If you are that afraid of being burned, run Taunt on it. Mewtwo has a pretty good Physical Movepool, and you should take advantage of it. Run all Physical for Mewtwo X. Smogon also agrees. I don't believe you should ever run a mixed Mewtwo in my opinion. Hope this helps!

However, there are some instances where a slight mixed set can be better. Ice Beam can cover many AG threats, and with a spread of 196 Att/60 SpA/252 Speed can OHKO some of those threats. (Credits to NebbyY for this, except the EV spread).

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I think mega mewtwos attack is high enough where you don't have to invest EVs in it, or don't have to invest all of your EVs into attack. ice beam can be used to lure in zygarde, rayquaza, or mega salamence, but I don't think there are any other special moves that are worth it, which makes physical superior
True. I could see running a 196 Att/60 SpA and 252 Speed.  And you are right.  Slight mixed has its advantages, but I believe all Physical is better still.  Wait, doesn't Mewtwo get Ice Punch?  At least in Gen. 8 Nat Dex it does.
it does get ice punch, but salamence can carry intimidate, which will make ice punch do pitiful damage, while Ice Beam can OHKO with the spread you suggested
Good point.  I will include that in my answer.  Thanks!