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Favorite Pokémon: general guy
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nebbyy (main account, global driver on db server)
fwoofyy (natdex ag laddering alt, currently on 1601 elo)

usually play random formats like random battle, monotype randoms, random doubles, challenge cup 1v1, etc
About me: hi

made up of 100% salt

joycon drift was the worst thing to ever be brought into gaming

currently playing through: pokemon shuffle

pokemon shuffle goals

beat stage 600: currently stuck on stage 586
get 360 S ranks: currently on 360 S ranks

shot out pokemon:
sl5 shot out level 15 rayquaza (progress: done except for fully investing in mega speedups, only 16/20)
sl5 shot out level 17 flygon (progress: done!)
sl5 shot out level 15 trevenant (progress: done!)
sl5 shot out level 15 deoxys (progress: haven't skill swapped or have invested any rmls but deoxys is level 6)
sl5 shot out level 15 hitmonlee (progress: have skill swapped but haven't invested skill boosters or rmls yet but hitmonlee is level 8)
sl5 shot out level 15 vanilluxe (progress: haven't done anything with vanilluxe yet)
sl5 shot out level ? alola cap pikachu (progress: don't even have it yet just heard it had shot out
sl5 shot out level ? noivern (progress: don't have it yet)
sl5 shot out level 15 araquanid (progress: not even sure if it's worth it but no reason not to get another shot out pokemon)
sl5 shot out level ? rapidash (progress: don't have it yet)

heavy hitters (timed stages)
super bolt angry pikachu (big damage with 5 match + can be super effective)
try hard snorlax (big damage with 5 match)

heavy hitters (both timed and main stages)
shot out pokemon
unity power pokemon
cross attack+ pokemon

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hi long time no see. congrats on top 500
4 days ago by Sam and Noivern
Congrats on Top 500 :D
5 days ago by Swastik
I should be on chat when I am on but if you want a set date maybe tomorrow 2:00 PM pst (I tjink thats 6:00 PM for you?) Or 7:30 pst (again I tjink thats like 11:30 for you?)
5 days ago by ☆SleepyDreepy☆
top 500 in nat dex ag :D
5 days ago by fwoofyy
hi fwoofyy
sorry before when I told you I couldn't battle I was making a birthday  card and didn't know that I was free now so now I am free if you see this right now then can we do the tournament if you see this in like a couple hours :/

Jan 10 by ~megaltaria~
Dec 29, 2020 by Syl ™
started ttyd <:0
Dec 28, 2020 by melcakes
You gonna blow up AG ladder :O
Dec 25, 2020 by Swastik
Dec 24, 2020 by SSuperiority
Hi nebby. Are you inactive?
Dec 19, 2020 by ★~ProfDelldell~★