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Gender: Now's your chance to be a big shot
Country: Be a big be a big be a big shot
Favorite Pokémon: Raz
Friend Codes: Raz is a fortnite character but atleast he's 3 dimensional unlike your filthy anime characters
About me: Hi, i exist, or existed depending on when you're reading this.

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be a big snot
Jul 25 by Pogokira
Laser cat?
May 15 by VinnyHedgehog IV
Was ur username alwaysn atg?
if not, what were ur previous usernames?
Mar 25 by nachos
Goodbye man you were a great friend. Please add me on Discord, Weird Kids still remains to be one of the best places where I've ever conversed.
I just want to type whatever Dreepy said. It's just too complex man you know it
If you ever see this please mate feel free to shoot me a DM anytime on Disc
Thank you, thank you for everything
It's so sad to see good friends leave
I'm still shaken that I'll possibly never get to talk to you again
Good-bye friend, I'm a bit awkward with words so I'm sorry if anything felt rough
thank you again
Mar 4 by vy
Dude why did you block me on Discord :(((
Mar 4 by Inactive
I'm not sure you'll read this, but I truly hope you do
I think we can both agree we had a rough year last year
I want to apologize for everything I did, including possible rudeness, and the like
I remember having a conversation with Katie (whom I shall use their real name because I feel like it is appropriate in this context) the hours after we had one of our first actually conversations in vc. I commented how sad it would be to forget that day, and she said she would never forget. I also promised to never forget, but I now realize I forgot the way we used to spend time together. The times where we argued, and the times where we made amends. The times when we hurt each other, but also the times we tried to fix each other. That group was the closest I've ever let anyone come into my life. Thank you for that. And, one day I may forget, but it still happened, and that's all that really mattered. Whatever is happening in your life right now, I hope you learn to grow and find your way of living and find friends in your real life. You were a good friend to me, and having you as one of my friends has most definitely changed my life. Again, thank you. I wish you a good road to tread on in life, and that through the bumps and the obstacles that you will pick yourself back up. And finally, I want to say goodbye. I never truly said it, and I hope you'll forgive me for that. But I wish you much in our parting, and thank you for all the memories you gave me.
Feb 26 by Haze
Only one typical may remain...
Jan 4 by JustATypicalPerson
I love you
Dec 31, 2021 by BM™
Dec 27, 2021 by Haze
Dec 27, 2021 by Syl ™