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Country: California, USA; Time Zone PDT
Favorite Pokémon: Absol, Salandit, Cakyrex, Reshiram, Furret, Delphox, Fletchinder, Dewgong, and Meowstic
Friend Codes: Sponsored by Grape Nuts and Bepis Valley Granola Bars.

The Absol that “represents” me in my grav sometimes is called Angel, and the Salandit is Tomothy.

Hi, I’m just a lazy idiot. I don’t play SwSh, but I know it very well enough. I spend a few minutes every so often lying down and feeling like garbage (my current record is 49 minutes).

I also play other games like Undertale and Animal Crossing. If you see me, it’ll be in the chat most likely. You can just call me Steph :) If you ever notice an Absol vs Umbreon war, I think I may have started that.

I use only mobile, except for...
Computer use count: 9

I’m 8Stephwheel8 on Showdown if you’re interested (because apparently SOMEBODY on Showdown already took Stephwheel8 I have no idea how). I am awful at teambuilding so I’ll just steal from you

Friend List:
(I might remove you if you don’t feel like a friend anymore. No hard feelings.)

PrimordiaISea- I know you changed your name, but I’m still gonna call you PK just because you hate it =) Also fun fact the l at the end of Primordial is actually an uppercase i, so if I’m not calling you pk I’m calling you Primordiai

Giru-Rūku- salad

kuroyupii- A wonderful person <3

~Obstagoon-Marnie~- fun person!

Chesta Adabi 481- yes

Absol Club
We believe Absol is the absolute best!
(And Umbreon is lame)
Kookoonut TM
Ignis Aqua Herba
Dr Dude
Assault Ποσειδώνας
A usual glimpse
Chesta Adabi 481

Wall of Quotes:
"It would be good in a custom format where the only Pokemon you can use is Cosmoem."

“truly impressive that an American like you is aware that London exists”

“Nidorino doesn't have a freezer”

"No. Keyword being no."

“That's one sexy looking lapras.”

“I just clapped my ass out of the air”

“Will Smith will smith Will Smith if Will Smith gets the opportunity to smith Will Smith”

“I have officially drowned Guzma i rule Team Skull. I am Queen Skull and i  preside Over my dancing gang of idiots”

“Money, food, and video games - the holy triangle of whee.”

“He caused an environmental crisis but still.”

“ATG is severely outclassed by Steph in terms of Registered User.”

“Thanks so much Steph, yet simultaneously dang it”

“this sentence is really funny and worthy of going on every quote wall”

“are you calling me a drug bc youre addicted to me? how cute”

“wario is hot”

“Zelda is hot. Link is hot. Fire Emblem Smash boys are hot. Pyra is hot garbage.”

“Welcome to existence, Stephw. You'll be here for a while, so you might as well get yourself comfortable. I run this bar, TY cooks, KRLW sings us songs. Ain't much else to tell. Have a seat :)”

“Santa is an anagram for Satan”

“jesus is satan confirmed”

“babies kick pregnant women all the time but oooohhh when I kick a pregnant woman, I'm the one arrested”

“You know you're having a bad day when you step onto a train leading to the afterlife and have to beat up ghosts.”

“OK first off say yes and then yeet Junior at Bonnie and see who eats who”

“sax is cool they go doot doot i lov saxaphones”

“Is it Crest White Enmal Toothpaste Protector Gum Flouride Floss Paste Rinse?”


“Damn this damn dam. I hope this dam will damn it's damned daminess.”

"Like an old block of cheese trying to understand time travel"

“I accidentally deleted France”

“I request your attention, sir. God of sniping. I've come to bargain for will you may return to using close ups of pocket monsters.”

“I beg your attention, higher being. I've come to bargain for c h e d d a r. For will you may bestow me the entity i request for.”

“BiDoOF haS tYPe oVErlaP wiTh DrAgapuLt”

"is it true you're carbon based???"

“Become a Super Administrator, and fix it yourself.”

“I moved to texas a few years back and my beloved corgi melted”

“I hate it when my parrot keeps insisting it's a mosquito and I should torment it. I tell'm, stop 'fore thing get dirty, but it doesn't usually follow orders very well. Usually. Have a mind of its own, that one. It's called Jack the Backman, if anyone's curious.”

“Can you believe I answered a question without X's blade-senses notifying him that there's an unanswered question and him coming here to snipe me?”

“Mighty Minior stands for Many internal Gabbys happy time yeet M&Ms into N's Instagram online rabies.”

“Yes I have officially shipped a sandwich”

“Sans goes into Showdown on April first and pretends to be Eternatus.”

“Pokemon eat trash and they love that **** so much they heal from it?”

“Have a nice pizza till you see that I ate it!”

“why didn't anybody tell me about the ZYGARDE CUBE which should more accurately be named the ZYGARDE TRUNCATED OCTAHEDRON”

“I love drunk X and Primal.”

“Welcpme to the DB club only here can pre-teens get drunk”

“Im just too devastatingly sexy for you to kill me”

“Px calling a minor hot”

“Shadowcat and Primal making out lel ecks dee”

“shadow's smooching a box of Froot Loops because Primal fled from her.”


“I don’t know, I just declared that you were pissed so therefore you are.”

“No we’re completelelelelelely serious”

“Pro tip: Spaghetti-Os taste better when not dumped on the floor.”

“Everyone is a**!”

“Omg your inestines are so sexy id totally eat my meat in them”

“Because poisonous flowers are so fun to pick when you're an animal without thumbs.”

“and then I pee ban you”

“DesolateMannikinGauHaterHead wanna eat my buttered chocolate pizza?”

“Magikarp is stupid bad far outclassed by Kyogre”

“nonono its like a love triangle and stuff right?”


“primal and x do you guys want to make out with me in the burker king bathroom”

“be gay do crimes”

“I was bored to the E to the Dee Dee Kee BEEP BEEP SCREEM HONK UWAO GAU”

“I can assure you, the shiny sparkles are lagging because of lag.”

“Gardevoir used Dream Eater. It doesn't affect exeggcute because only one of it's eggs fell asleep”

“hmm 99.9% Gay . 0.1% Boy”

“Dodge is so hot that even dead girls like him.”

“hey remember when I took you to my house and locked you up in my basement and forced you to watch pokemon pinball lets plays?”

“I love my mac and cheese baked in a shoe.”

“I was looking at Poke Jobs and I come back to Thundurus on drugs.”

“now that you've gotten to the top of the ladder, are you going to climb back down? it looks pretty high up there”

“danny plz dont tell my cream of broccoli soup sandwich with magenta unowns taped to the sides”

“Danny would you like to huggle Gau the Kaiser Dragonslayer while devouring pizza and tormenting Enneth with me?”

“This is Giru’s version of asking me to dinner apparently”

“Mewderator died last month we are keeping him in the chat room to honor his legacy”

“Omega blade has the words able in it? How dare you mr ableist cringe racist homophobic transphobic dreamphobic bts anti i am calling twitter police to dox you so that I can send you fanmail”

“How come you Bake cookies and Cook bacon?”

“I have mushrooms and vegetation growing off of my feet, and I need a product for it! I wonder if a boring TV commercial will have a scam product for me!”

"I'm forcing my parents to let me get Miku one way or another"

“If I strap a car to your back will it make you go vroom is the question.”

“my hero macadamia”

“I can't think of a single person in my neighborhood who I like more than my Silvally collection.”

“Fizz please show me your teeth”

“Man good luck absorbing all this diarrhea”

“And that joke made me want to sing a German song.”

“Suggestion: ban all the smart big adults”

“i remember when ht kicked me because i kissed gladion”

“Hippity Hoppity Hoppity Hippity, your breathing is now a conscious activity.”
About me: “Facebook deleted our page for no reason so screw them.”

“It is will be available for Nintendo Switch or smartphones soon,“

“lolno. I have the right to put whatever I want on my website.”

“Professional answer sniper, at your service”

“Pokemon's an RPG? I thought it was a first-person shooter.”

“No I’m the god of capitalism”

“I'm damn scared. For whom, be it myself or humanity, I am not sure.”

“If you feel useless, just remember that Captain America tried to choke a robot”

“If you ever feel useless, remember that there are lifeguards in Spongebob that save fish from drowning.”

"If you ever feel useless, just remember that Shedinja has Defensive stats"

“No, it is wholly impossible that a turtle resembles a turtle.”

“So, you say Mythra is better? Meet me on the school playground and come alone. I'll make this quick and easy”

“depressed people country”

“Eevee is vullaby confirmed”

“You should probs say that its for god in the title”

“I want to enjoy life rather than do something amazing with it.”

“I don’t know whether I want to downvote because I disagree with this change, or upvote because HT told me not to.”

“HT stop it. You said a word that hurt my feelings, and I know I pushed you down the stairs and beat you up, but let’s put that aside, can’t we?”

“That’s rough. Being an obese tire does not sound fun.”

“put gum on a tortilla like its grated cheese”

“Ohio more like O-Die-o”

“Greetings, we hail your existence on this area of the international Web of communication“

“Greetings, fellow owner of fictional creatures with magical and often overexaggerated powers, welcome to an internet forum where we talk about those creatures with magical and often overexaggerated powers and meet with other owners of creatures with magical and often overexaggerated powers”

“Well if he starts climbing out of your mouth then I'll know the whole story.”

“Professional air breather here, unless you're reading this on a day when I'm sick.”

“Which of these hot Pokemon should I choose for my team.”

“Moral of the story: don't harass people if you wake up inside a chimney."

“why waste internet when I can waste the school's hotspot”

“Pokémon Sad and pokemon Hauhead-oh wait same thing“

“Source: dude trust me”

“alternate title: pm make my job easier please”

“Space and time are in sword and shield. Sinnoh remakes confirmed???”

"What would early colonists think of the concept of Pokémon battles? I think they'd compare it to bear baiting, but the bear breathes fire"

“Calling me Gladion is weird or something because I'm a girl. But calling me Glazio is a-OK. Even though Glazio is Gladion's name in Japanese.”

“Red spoke in Pokémon Masters because Flint is so obnoxious and dumb that even Red wanted to shut him up"

"Kirlia is evolving! Congratulations! Your pokemon lost its legs!"

“home depot is like a gateway drug”

“Boring cereal boy”

“They’re called team skull because that’s the only thing in their heads. No brain, just skull”

“Since Rayquaza is approximately a metre off the ground, it should take it a tenth of a second to fall down like the pathetic snake it is.“

“Yeah and since the player is human, air resistance and friction with the help of gravity should have been enough to tear open his suit and throw the idiot back to earth, what he deserves for riding the magic snake into space.“

“But I suppose if your battles are mostly in back alleys or in Detroit, or heaven forbid a back alley in Detroit, then it's acceptable to give extra anti-shank EVs.”

“Im going to build the great australian canal”

"I don't know why they call it a 'soft reset' when most of the time you do it when you take a hard L."

“Groudon created land. Kyogre created ocean. Mega Rayquaza created a new tier in Smogon.”

“By illogic, yes.”

“made up of 100% salt“

“Despite a few caffeine induced hallucinations”

“Yay i always wanted to be strangled”

“thats where the trains live”

“I will be holding a vigil for the chinese notebook and will announce the mass extinction of paper tomorrow”

"Type boosting item like Never-Melt Ice which it learns upon evolution."

“TY stands for "Tyrannical Yodeling".”

“Oh man TY has never been rickrolled before”

“closed with the note: No.”

“I sexually classify as a chair”

“i cant believe i am about to own a fake inauthentic shiny arceus”

“you will never know ooooooh spooooooky noises waaaaaa wooosh ooooooooooh never know”

“He be expert, so he auto be friend”

“we're all dead inside :). No, actually. There's a skeleton inside ya”

“But I’d probably end up eating the shoes“

“But I ate his house”

“ok if you act fast you can get a magicarp”

“Who needs parents when you could have fictional anime crushes?”

“I wish women didnt exist”

“is it true you keep luigis in your basement”

“Wah wah wah Waluigi time. It's time for your Wannual checkup. Waluigi says your doing good. WAH”

“do you have wario for the wario on wario”

“hey guys welcome to wario”

“welcome to wario in real loif”

“so when you see broken glass, know that they were originally cockroaches”

“It didn’t take long for me to realize I’m better than everyone else.”

“Why come the Ralts go fainted?”

“Did my Gardevoir evs is good ?”

“Is it funny how I forget that the song “I forgot that you existed” exists sometimes”

“Ok I'm going back to the coffin”

“Stop breathing. It’s offensive to dead people.”

“The giant pink egg is pathetic.“

“Every Pokémon is cute, it’s just a matter of how cute.”

“mr bones' wild ride”

“oh no Gladion ate everyone”

“I ate Canada.”

“i ate the giant enemy spider”

“*starts humming VS Team Magma and Aqua from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire but  since the giant enemy spidah is dead it starts to slow down and becomes more depressing to listen to by the minute*”

~~- Put-~- This-~- Ribbon-~- On-~- Your-~- Wall-~- If-~- You-~- Think-~- Absol-~- Is-~- Cooler-~- Than-~-Umbreon-~-

-------♥♥------PUT THIS ----♥♥-♥♥----RIBBON ---♥♥---♥♥---ON YOUR ---♥♥---♥♥---PAGE IF ---♥♥---♥♥---YOU'RE ----♥♥-♥♥----AGAINST -----♥♥♥------ANIMAL ----♥♥-♥♥----ABUSE ---♥♥---♥♥---THANK YOU

Don’t kill bugs just because they’re annoying thanks

-------☻☻------PUT THIS ----☻☻-☻☻----RIBBON ---☻☻---☻☻---ON YOUR ---☻☻---☻☻---PAGE IF ----☻☻---☻☻---YOU'RE ----☻☻-☻☻----AGAINST -----☻☻☻------SMOKING ----☻☻-☻☻------THANK YOU

$$- Put-$- This-$- Ribbon-$- On-$-Your-$- Wall-$- If-~- You-$- Know-$-Primal Kyogre-$- Is-$- Cooler-$- Than-$-Primal Groudon-&-

If you’ve read the entire thing up to here, then I’m impressed. Great Job!

(Insert salt here) I am salt, help me expand by putting me at the bottom of your Info

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Yeah, why is the fire totem both version is hard to defeat (i didnt pass the ultra moon totem marowak in my NORMAL playthrough :( ). But totem sallazle is pretty easy if you lucky enough and have a lycanroc (like me). Well, right now im trying to do a RANDOMIZED bw nuzlocke :D
7 hours ago by Creative481
Yeah, nuzlocke are fun! The worst thing that could happen is when you lose youre beloved pokemon :(
1 day ago by Creative481
Hello steppy! Just curious, do you like nuzlocke?
And im curious again, what is the meaning pf your username?
1 day ago by Creative481
1 day ago by Aaaaaaaaa
Hhhiiii steven check out my epic new username ;)
2 days ago by ~azureshiram~
2 days ago by RaidenTheSworded 雷電
I will
2 days ago by BananaDee
absol superiority
2 days ago by ~DracoMeteor~
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3 days ago by ~azureshiram~