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Pokémon Moon Nuzlocké: Day 14

-I caught a Chimechou. Her name is Lantern.
-I meet Faba and Plumeria.

—Let’s have a moment of appreciation for Plumeria’s theme. I never gave it the attention it deserves—

-I fight an easy fight against Olivia.
-I go to Hano Beach and literally chuck Pokémon into the ocean for money.
-Also I catch ★U
-Aether Paradise blah blah blah
-Ula’ula island and stuff
-I catch a Poliwag and name him Poliester because yes

Lantern: Female Chimechou
Very childish

★U: Agender Staryu
Alert to everything, but doesn’t ever take action because they just don’t feel like it.

Poliester: Male Poliwag
Like Lantern but milder
2 hours ago by Stephwheel8
Update: whoops that was Charger at full affection not Tricky Web.
5 hours ago by Stephwheel8
Pokémon Moon Nuzlocké: Day 13 (man it’s been 2 months since last time)

-Bouncee evolved into a Tsareena
-I caught a Phantump, named him Stumply, and put him on the team just to kick Toungetape out.
-Tricky Web is at max affection now, cool

Stumply: Male Phantump
Likes fighting but doesn’t think he’s good at it (but doesn’t mind)
1 day ago by Stephwheel8
I'm not real
1 day ago by BeastMaster™
Jun 12 by RaidenTheSworded 雷電
Your gender is me
Jun 12 by J™
Are you going to fix https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/386064/what-are-all-the-pokemon-in-each-game-that-cant-found-the-wild?show=390042#a390042 ?
If not I'll create my own answer, but I'm not going to bother with the work if you're planning on editing your answer anyway.
Jun 12 by Hellfire Taco
Epic grav
Plus that is a great fact!!!

Everyone is a**!
Jun 12 by Assault Ποσειδώνας
Fun fact: A** means God in Old Norse, so if you call someone an a** you are technically calling them a god
Jun 12 by Stephwheel8
Hey, we’re battling for the tournament. Do you have any time/day that’s best? I’m not available tomorrow but should be free any day/time past that.
Jun 11 by PsyKlone