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In the move screen, it says that Psyshock is a special attack, but in its description, it says it does physical damage.

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It uses you special attack but instead of inflicting damage based on the opponents special defense like most special attack moves it uses the opponent regular defense. Basically it deals physical damage and your attack became you special attack for that turn

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Psyshock is essentially a special move, but it's only unique since calculations are made by using the opponent's Def, in oppose to their SpDef. However, battle field conditions and Pokemon abilities are taken into consideration like any other SpAtk move.

That being said, if the opponent has Reflect in play (move resisting opponents Atk), Psystrike will ignore it, but it can't ignore Light Screen (move resisting opponents SpAtk). In concern to abilities, if the opponent has Weak Armor, it's ability will not activate since it needs to be hit by a physical move.

So overall, Psystrike uses the attacker's SpAtk, but the opponents Def.

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Iron barbs and rough skin are activated by contact, not physical moves. Special contact moves, like grass knot, can still activate those two abilities.
Fur coat doubles physical defense; it doesn't halve damage from physical attacks. Psyshock damage is halved by fur coat. This is confirmed by Bulbapedia and Showdown!.
Alright!, how about Weak Armor
I'm pretty sure psyshock won't activate weak armor.