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This is my first time asking a question, so I hope someone answers.
Which one should I choose? I got Whooper from a max raid battle and it's level 20, while my Magikarp is level 19.
My team is this: Raboot, level 24
Drifloon, level 22
Klink, level 22
Espurr, level 20
Diglett, level 20

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I would choose both, actually, because Gyarados is a reliable tank and sweeper at the same time, and Quagsire is great for a Water-Ground in the beginning, for the Fire gym. However, I, through personal experience, wouldn't keep Wooper/Quagsire as a permanent team member.
I would keep the Quagsire boxed and sometimes use it for Fire specialists. Both are great Pokémon on a team, but only when you need them. If you were to keep the chosen one permanent, definitely go with Gyarados

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Magikarp. It evolves soon into Gyarados, one of the strongest Pokémon in the game.

Thanks for answering! I was thinking of Magikarp too, but I didn't want to single out Whooper :)
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Gyarados is much stronger than Quagsire. Also, you don't have to sit through an eternity of training magikarp as it evolves next level. A base stat total of 540 vs 430? It's a silly question to ask, really.

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In my personal experience, do you want to envlove Magikarp to Gryados lv 20 or do you want whooper and envlove into quagsire. I would say get whooper because it has a lot of water moves vs Gryados. Source: this website.