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I got a Shiny magikarp (called dogekarp) level 99 but its nature is jolly. Is that right for a gyarados? I dont know whats best for her.
Should I keep a really silly magikarp or have it as a gyarados because I'm searching for a perfect gyarados for my collection.
Oh yeah its got 6ivs too if that a good point.


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Jolly Gyarados is well suited for competitive. Especially with 6 perfect IVs. You have a perfect Magikarp! It's very valuable without being shiny. As a shiny perfect Magikarp, it is extremely valuable. I really doubt there's anyone out there that prefers a perfect Magikarp over a perfect Gyarados, so I'd say it's safe to evolve without losing any of its trade value. And of course you can use it in competitive too! Congrats!

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Oh thank you sooo much! I just wish i could change her name :( if i breed her with destiny knot Would i get all ivs or only some?
Only some