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I gone to magikarp and gyardos page and read their locations I want into each location but I didnt seen any,
is there a guaranteed place I can see any of them or is there a spot which have a big chance of catching them?

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2 Answers

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What Game are you playing?
Platinum/Diamond/Pearl: Resort Area has High lvl Magikarps
FR/LG: Gyradoses with Super Rod on the route below Lavander City.
HG/SS: Old Rod Gets Magikarps everywhere.

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Im playing both pearl and diamond
The level 100 magikarp is only in platinum so he can't get it.
No one wants a Level 100 magikarp
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Gyrados, route 225 with a super rod

magikarp, the best place to find them is at route 218 with an old rod.

You were probably surfing around, not using a rod.

u can also get gyrados with a good rod too!
yea, in the great marsh