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i havent got any friends and i dont know my safari type :'(
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Do what works best for you :P
And if you don't know what works best for you, try something, then try something else. Then keep trying something until you feel awesome.

But remember "Today's champion is tomorrow's runner-up" -Proto in his "Who's the Strongest Trainer" video.
Sep 16, 2015 by DemonFlygawne
And if you don't know what works best for you, try something, then try something else. Then keep trying something until you feel awesome.
Sep 16, 2015 by DemonFlygawne
Do what works best for you :P
Sep 16, 2015 by DemonFlygawne
I  noticed in a question you posted that you haven't learned roles of competitive, such as Tanks and Sweepers.

Tank = A pokemon designed to take hits while dishing some out, won't have high damage but won't need it. Usually has healing moves and moves that inflict Badly Poisoned and Burn.

Example: Chansey

Sweeper= A pokemon designed to end the game quickly and harshly, it's raw offensive power makes it a very dangerous pokemon to switch into but it's not supposed to be bulky enough to take a super effective hit very well

Example: Metagross

Revenge Killers = Pokemon most suited for taking care of sweepers, once one of your pokemon has fainted this pokemon will come in against a hopefully weakened pokemon and finish it off. A mixture of bulk and attacking power with speed it's ironic weakness is other Revenge killers.

Example: Conkeldurr

Late-Game Sweepers: A pokemon that is like a sweeper, but with slightly less offensive power. These are one of the most annoying because sometimes you may have all 6 pokemon around after 30 turns while they're on their last and suddenly you lose in 6 turns. Best keep your late game sweepers alive with moves like Wish.

Example: Talonflame

Hazard Setters: A pokemon that makes it hard to switch into a new pokemon. They carry moves like Sticky Webs and Stealth Rocks to turn the opponent's side of the field into a mine field where every time they switch they take some damage, a wonderful combination with Late Game Sweepers.

Example: Ferrothorn

Hazard Checks: A pokemon to remove hazards and hazard setters. They are likely to carry either Rapid Spin, Defog, or Taunt. Rapid spin removes hazards that harm you and Defog removes all hazards, while taunt prevents a hazard setter from sometimes even being able to attack! Ironically most hazard setters are Hazard checks as well

Example: Cloyster

Cripplers: The most annoying. They likely  have enough bulk to survive one hit and then may be able to completely heal themselves with leftovers even before being hit the next time. What they lack in power they make up for in attrition, keeping you flinched or Pazalyzed until you're weak enough to faint. Weak to revenge killers.

Example: I don't want to regret telling you.

There are many more roles as well. The trainer's job is to organize their team so they work well together, one pokemon may be the best among it's peers but another pokemon's type, ability, and moves may work better on your team.
Sep 16, 2015 by DemonFlygawne
Sep 2, 2015 by wokeboke
I see potential in you! Grow to be a fine battler, you temporary noob!
Sep 1, 2015 by DemonFlygawne
I'm kinda late, but welcome to the DB! :)
Sep 1, 2015 by Flommo
Welcome to h DB! ( 2 days later...)
Sep 1, 2015 by Meowstic
Aug 29, 2015 by GeoTruth
Welcome to the site :0
Aug 28, 2015 by Hexahedron