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Ive watched PIMPNITE's videos and tried to imitate his magikarp sweep, so I bred for an adamant, 31 iv on attack and speed magikarp. I maxed out its attack and speed ev too.

Then on the battle I set up stealth rock and got smeargle to pass belly drum to my magikarp. So after getting hit and survivong with 1 hp because of focus sash I used flail. But the problem is the flail didnt do much damage. And wasn't even able to OHKO anything, my opponent didn't even set up defensively.

Am I missing something here?

It would depend on the base defense and types of the target. http://pokemonshowdown.com/damagecalc/
Which pokemon did you use flail on?
No, Magikarp sweeps are just not that easy to pull off. It definitely took Pimpnite MANY tries to actually do it, assuming that it wasn't staged in the first place. Don't expect to do it without the perfect circumstances and luck.

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Sadly magikarp just doesn't have the stats or the move pool for a sweep. Its sad that such an awesome (and hated) Pokemon cant sweep. but hey at least the shiny is good