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It has ability Swift Swim, so isn't it almost useless?

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Well that is a surprise, Magikarp being almost useless, I never knew that. Sarcasm aside, Magikarp can't learn anything but Splash, Tackle, Flail, and Bounce. Teamed with Kyogre, you can get the Speed increase fairly easy. They just don't want Magikarp to be able to do anything, so they just stuck on an ability that will almost never see use.

Magikarp can learn Bounce?
From the Move Tutor.
Yeppers, Trachy is right! It's also the backbone to my epic story of how my Magikarp KO'ed my friend's Vespiquen. Oh man, I NEVER let him forget that batlle...LOL.
Tutor and PokéWalker
Didn't know about that it had it on Poewalker.
What move tutor?