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I don’t know where to find it as a TM, and there’s no option to search by move or ability in the game, so I was wondering if there's another place to find out. I've already checked Bulbapedia and Serebii and here, and I still can't find anything. Please help?

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My main question to you is why you would want to know this.
Because i wanna make a team with my starter, empoleon, and heliolisk and kabutops. Empoleon will have surf for STAB and rain boost, and will do little damage to kabutops assuming it doesnt miss thanks to the Detect Looplet. Then Heliolisk will Thunder everything, and kabutops will slice everything to death witg swift swim. Heliolisk will have Dry Skin for Rain and Surf.
Trouble is, they cant relearn rain dance, or be taught it for coina. Where can i get it/what other pokenon can i use?
I've never seen someone try that hard for a Mystery Dungeon series team. Props to you. Unfortunately I don't have an answer for you.

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The TM Rain Dance (TM18) can be found in Kecleon Shops and is sold for 1652 Pokedollars in Super Mystery Dungeon.


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Thanks that helps a lot
Your welcome!