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Well now that i've thought about this for a solid while. I think it's all about using Rain Dance, then switching out straight away to get a good advantage. Good reasons to teach Moltres Rain Dance could be becuase:

  • Say Moltres is on your team. You're in battle but it's going to faint soon? Why not use Rain Dance, which will power up Water Type moves by 50% for the next 5 turns. Switch out to a waiting Pokemon that knows strong Water type moves and go all out. Handy if your oponents team is vunerable to Water type.
  • Same goes for Rain Dance decreasing Fire Type moves by 50% for the next 5 turns. Handy if your opponents team have a Fire type advantage.
  • Or, do you have a Pokemon in your team that knows Thunder or Hurricane? Rain Dance will raise the accuracy of those moves to 100% for the next 5 turns. This could be very useful for causing some major damage. We all know Thunder misses alot. Handy if your oponents team are vunerable to Electric type.

I think it's all about using it then suprising your opponent after switching out. Making good use of it could hopefully make a good dent in your opponents team. That's my best analysis of it now that you mention it :P.

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Who knows why Moltres is able to learn Rain Dance?
Maybe it's another one of those things Gamefreak decided to add that didn't really make sense, and is pretty much completely random.

For example, like how Shedinja can learn Substitute.
Don't think about these types of things too much, it might mess with your mind!

I think it's nincada that gets substitute