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What is the difference between Rain Dance and Water Sport? I mean, They booth weaken fire and strengthen water. Which one is better?

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Water Sport

  • Reduces the power of Fire type attacks by 50%
  • Lasts the entire battle

Rain Dance

  • Ends after 5 turns, or 8 if the user is holding a Damp Rock
  • Power of Water type attacks increases by 50%
  • Power of Fire type attacks decreases by 50%
  • The accuracy of Thunder and Hurricane rises to 100%
  • Pokemon with the ability Dry Skin recover 1/8 of their HP each turn
  • Pokemon with the ability Swift Swim double their speed
  • The move Weather Ball changes to Water type and doubles in power
  • The moves Synthesis, Morning Sun, and Moonlight recover 1/4 of the user's HP, instead of 1/8 normally

As you can see, Rain Dance is infinitely more useful, as it has several additional effects that can benefit all kinds of Pokemon. Water Sport is basically useless and will never warrant wasting a turn and moveslot to use it. The only time it would make sense to use Water Sport over Rain Dance on a team is if there aren't any Pokemon that benefit from Rain Dance's additional effects and there are Pokemon with Synthesis, Morning Sun or Moonlight, but it still wouldn't serve any purpose, unless you're running a mono weak to Fire team I guess.
TL;DR: Don't use Water Sport. Ever.

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Thank you for spending your time typeing out this long, and very discripive answer for me! I apreceiate you taking time out of your life to help me.
You forgot to mention that water sport is permanent & ends after battle over while rain dance is temporary because it lasts for few turns.
@ThatPokemonGirl152 You're very welcome :D

@Doge Yes I did. Fixed.
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Basic difference is that some Pokemon have abilities that revolve around rain dance that water sport won't help with. I was however unaware that water sport boosted water moves. I thought it only weakened fire.

Thank you very much for taking time out of your day to help me!