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I know it makes Water Moves more powerful. Is it true that it makes thunder always hit?


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Rain Dance:

  1. Increases the power of water type attacks by 50%

  2. Makes Thunder have 100% accuracy and a 25% chance of breaking though Protect/Detect.

  3. Lowers the power of fire type attacks by 50%.

  4. Makes Solarbeam take two turns to charge.

  5. Synthesis/Moonlight/Morning Sun only heal 25% of total health.

  6. Pokemon with Dry Skin heal HP every turn and 25% of their HP when hit by a water type attack.

  7. Pokemon with Rain Dish heal 1/16th of their HP every turn.

  8. Pokemon with Swift SWim gain a Speed increase.

  9. Castform becomes a Water type.

  10. Weather Ball's power doubles and becomes a Water type attack.

Solar beam always takes 2 turns
2 turns to CHARGE, then attack!!
So if you voted this down speed freak, please vote it back up. This is the best possible answer as it is everything that Rain Dance can do.
Wow thanks! I had no idea rain dance did that much! :)
@trachy - question about castform. After the Weather Ball base power getting doubled, does it then get the 50% increase from rain and STAB (Same type attack bonus)?
They likely won't answer that now, but yes it does
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Yes, it makes thunder have 100 acc. and makeswater moves more powerful.

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